Dulwich Vintners

Pelee Island Vidal Icewine


Icewine is a rare and exquisite product that had its beginnings in Europe nearly two centuries ago. Germany was the first to produce this wine and, as with most new ideas, it occurred by accident. Peasant farmers in Franconia were hit by a sudden, unexpected frost in the winter of 1794. Instead of despairing over the frozen grapes they followed their instinct for frugality and made wine. The result was a small quantity of honey-sweet nectar with a balancing acidity that was unlike anything they had ever produced. 

Icewines made from Vidal are noted for their affinity with honey flavours in addition to aromas of apricots and peaches. A honey sweet nectar with a balanced acidity. 

Grapes: Vidal (100%)

Alcohol: 11.5%