Tesseron XO Lot 53 NV

Cognac Tesseron has grown grapes, distilled Cognacs and kept stocks of fine vintages for over a century. These old and rare treasures, besides achieving a great reputation amongst a small circle of connoisseurs, have always been sought-after by the big Cognac houses, assured of finding the fine quality required to add a touch of class to their blends. In other words, you may well have tasted Tesseron before, but it will have been packaged behind other producers’ labels. 

Today, the company is selling more and more of its Cognacs under its own name. Thanks to its ability to draw on its extensive and ancient stocks, the company only sells the highest quality XOs aged considerably longer than the minimum requirement of the category. The blends are labelled as ‘Lots’ with a number which is not strictly a vintage but rather an indication of the age of the main component of the bottling.

Alcohol: 40%

Type: Spirits

  • Country: France

    Region: Cognac


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