J. Bouchon Pais Salvaje Blanco 2016

País Salvaje (or “Savage País”) is made with País grapes from vines that grow freely among the wild vegetation on the Bouchon Vineyard’s Mingre estate in the coastal dry lands of the Maule. These untamed vines have never been interfered with by man; they took root and climbed their way up among the indigenous species that flourish in the surrounding hills and gorges, such as the rosehip and the endemic peumo and quillay trees. Its grapes represent the purest expression of organic and sustainable cultivation. The harvest is performed during the last week of April using ladders to reach the branches that hang up to five meters above the ground.

Grapes: Pais (100%)

Alcohol: 12%

Type: White

  • Country: Chile

  • Closure: Cork

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