Cuvée Geron Dadine de Haute-Serre 2005

Ever aiming at making the best, Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux was one of the first French winemakers to experiment in-barrel vinification, that is to say in 400 litre barrels on “rollers”. The grapes only ever go in to one container: their cask, from vinification to bottling. This high-level technique was an integral part of Cuvée Géron Dadine de Haute-Serre for the first time for the 2005 vintage. The resulting wine is a real delicacy, where the spice of the wood merges into the fruit without overpowering the wine. Cuvée Géron Dadine de Haute-Serre 2005 is a thoroughbred wine to keep for the very best occasions.

Grape: Malbec (100%)
Alcohol: 13%

Type: Red

  • Country: France

    Region: Cahors

  • Closure: Cork

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