Six generations of the family have contributed to the global success La Maison Cointreau, which was founded in 1849 by two brothers Adolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau. The brothers were originally confectioners in the town of Angers, France. 

It was Eduoard Cointreau the son of co-founder Edouard-Jean who developed the famous Cointreau recipe. Originally described as Triple Sec, which referred to the way by which the product is made - a combination of sweet and bitter orange peels, macerated in neutral alcohol are distilled three times to concentrate the flavours. Eduoard selected only the best quality fruit and therefore was able to produce a finer spirit that did not need so much sugar, he chose to use the word Sec to distinguish it from other producers' orange liqueurs which contained heavy doses of sugar to hide their use of poor quality ingredients.

Fresh mandarin orange zest, with a hint of orange oil, spice and honey. Clean fresh citrus orange and lemon. Moving to zesty citrus, aromatic spices, and tangy bitter orange peel on the finish. 

Alcohol: 40%

Type: Spirits

  • Closure: Screwcap

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