Bulleit Bourbon

The first Bulleit Bourbon was produced by a bar owner in Louisville, Kentucky, named Augustus Bulleit. One day when transporting barrels to New Orleans Augustus disappeared and was never found. His great-great-grandson, dreamed of recreating his ancestor''s spirit and in 1987, he finally made a small batch Bourbon which bears his family name. He sold the brand to Seagram in 1997, who transferred production to Lawrenceburg, also in Kentucky. Following Seagram''s decision to sell its spirits portfolio, the brand is owned by Diageo, though the bourbon is produced at the Kirin Brewing Company owned Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Crafted in small batches, using pure limestone-filtered water and charred American oak barrels for all of the colour, the charring also releases complex vanilla and caramel flavours which the alcohol draws from the wood contributing to the rich flavour.

Bulleit is especially high in rye content, giving it a bold, spicy character with a distinctively smooth, clean finish. 

Alcohol: 45%

Type: Spirits

Sub-Type: Whisky


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