Beer Fridays

Every Friday we will have some beer open. On the second and fourth Friday of each month we will have either a 'meet the brewer' or a focus tasting. See below for details on  those.

Friday 25th August 5:30-8pm: Meet the Brewer - Hop Stuff Brewery

'Craft beer ought to be for everyone’

This idea spurred James to start Hop Stuff Brewery in 2013. He ditched the white-collar life to make craft beer to share with anyone - whether a green bottle beer drinker, a craft aficionado or his sweet old grandma.

"We’re all about crafting tasty beers that bring the crew together – so our range covers all palates; from sessionable to sippable – keg, can and cask." 

We will have a selection of Hop Stuff beers available to taste, free of charge!

Friday 22nd September 5:30-8pm: Meet the Brewer - Harviestoun Brewery

"It all started on a sunny day on October 5th, 1983. We'd love to say that it was one of the most memorable days of founder, Ken Brooker's life, but that night he hosted one of his legendary tasting sessions and he can't remember much about it. In the years that follow, Ken continues to brew beers in his shed and host his friends. Word spreads and his friends begin to bring along their friends and their friends' friends, until eventually Tuesday nights at Ken's attracts up to 40 people!"

We will have a selection of Harviestoun beers available to taste, free of charge!

Weekend Tastings

On Saturdays from 1pm we will have one wine open to taste. We will, if possible, carry this tasting on until Sunday, where we will also have spirits open.  

Saturday 9th September: Tasting with Cedric from H2Vin

H2Vin was founded in 2009 by Christian Honorez and Master Sommelier Matt Wilkin. Christian has a vast knowledge of the industry and experience of sourcing authentic and individual wines; whilst Matt was South Australia's first Master Sommelier and has won many accolades including UK Sommelier of the Year in 2005. The enthusiastic pair complement each other in every way and together have established H2Vin's enviable reputation for offering an exceptional range of wines to restaurants, hotels and independent wine merchants across the UK.

Cedric will be showcasing a variety of wines, red and white. Simply pop into the shop and try the wines.


Saturday 30th September: Tasting with Barwell & Jones

Established in 1758, Barwell & Jones is a wine agency with over 250 years of history. 

Previously known as Hayman Barwell Jones, and awarded a Royal Warrant in 1995, the business is now a prestige wine agency with a focused portfolio trading under the known and historical name of Barwell & Jones. 

They represent wines from premium, family owned producers from around the world that offer character, provenance and value.

We will have a range of wines, red and white, available to taste free of charge. Simply pop down to the shop and have a try!

Special Tastings

Once a month we will have a special tasting evening, focusing on a specific theme. These will usually fall on the first Thursday of the month but may vary depending on the availability of producers etc. See below for details on those.

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